A project to change the mind

The main aim of the project is the creation of Software for improving the physical and cognitive work of pupils with SEN (Special Education Needs) through individualized programs and progressive with Kinect and whiteboard. The great advantage offered by kinect, and the reason for choosing it for this project, is that students should not use an external tool to meet the objectives, the student works with his own body thus eliminate certain problems related to the management other devices, finding an extraordinary tool in disability.

This project not only seek motor stimulation of pupils with mobility problems but a comprehensive educational work that can serve all professionals involved in the teaching-learning process of the same, as well as families.

photo Description
  • Creating a software in order to improve the physical and cognitive skills of students with special needs.
  • Pupils use the Kinect sensor in their ordinary activities at school.
  • The application has to be based in the analyse about the needs of students.
  • The program should have got a simple and customizable user interface.