Development of an intelligent Web agent of environmental information

[Enter into the ENIA prototype]

Project Areas

  • Intelligent Agents
  • Widget Components
  • Groupware
  • Model-Driven Development
  • Web Mashup User Interfaces

Summary of the project

Due to the globalization of information and the knowledge of society on the Internet, the modern systems based on web must be flexible and prepared to be easily accessible and manageable in real time. An evidence of this is the current information systems for environmental management. There is a diversity of user profiles in them (such as politicians, technicians, administrators, etc.) and a large and varied information (some critical and confidential). It is therefore important to have real scientific and technical proposals and practices for the making of fast and efficient use of exploitation of information systems (in this case environmental), facilitating the man – machine interaction with dynamic user interfaces which must be adapted to the user profiles habits, with intelligent software advisors (agents) to interface for users on searching processes and exploitation of information, and to facilitate decision – making tasks (enviromental). But in recent times, it has been given a special interest in the globalization of information through a common vocabulary, using ontologies and the standardized way in which information is retrieved on the web, with powerful searching instruments based on ontologies and intelligent software agents. These same principles of globalization and standardization (using ontologies) must also be valid for the WIS interfaces users, but however they are still stablished on the basis of traditional development paradigms.

In the project, an environmental information agent will be developed, that runs on web intelligent paradigms, with user interfaces for WIS like WIMP(Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers) based on the real time bottom-up composition on COTS interface components such as widgets and meditation services (traders). As a result of the project, it intends to launch an intelligent prototype web agent of land uses for the company EGMASA from the Ministry of Environment of Andalucía Assembly.