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About us



About us


The Applied Computing Group TIC211 develops its R&D work in the field of the Informatics Technologies and Engineering (IT). The research pursues the relationship between several IT areas on software engineering, software engineering, computational intelligence, natural interaction and modeling & simulation of systems. Currently, these research studies can be applied to Smart Cities environments in specifics domains such as in Smart Buildings, Smart Ports, Spatial Data Networks, mobility, spatial interaction, among others Smart domains.
ACG is PAIDI group TIC-211 of the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusia government, Spain)
Main interest areas are Software Engineering, Modeling & Simulation, and Soft Computing. The ACG group is working to improve and integrate these three areas of interest.
The ACG group  is a partner of the following R&D organizations:


  • PLANETIC (Plataforma tecnológica Española para la adopción y difusión de las tecnologías electrónicas, de la información y la comunicación).
  • CEIMAR (Campus de Excelencia del Mar)
  • CeiA3 (Campus de Excelencia Internacional Agroalimentario)
  • MDSD Network (Model-Driven Software Development)


Main research lines:


- Software Engineering

- Storage and Query Processing in Spatial Networks

- Data Analysis, Big Data, and Cloud Computing

- Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning

- Engineering and Technologies of the IoT and WoT

- Model Engineering

- Interoperability and integration of Smart ecosystems

- Smart Cities models, theory and practice 

- Natural User Interaction (NUI), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)


Alborada IT startup. Emerges from the ACG Group in 2009, IT Company (http://alboradait.com)

Alborada IT

Download the slides of the ACG presentation: SLIDES