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Joaquin Alonso





Joaquin Alonso

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Technical Engineering in Management Computer at University of Almería (2010). Later, I realized the Master Degree in Advanced Computer Techniques (2012) and after this, I made the Master Degree of Solar Energy (2013), both from University of Almería. My professional experience began at the High Polytechnic School and continued in parallel in technology-based company Ingenieros Alborada IDI (2009). Later I started working on different national projects and contracts between the University of Almeria and the technology company Torresol Energy O&M (2011-2014). During these projects, I got my Ph.D. thesis and currently dispose of accreditation by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) to become part of the body of university professors. Currently, I am under the research study and prediction of solar resources as solar plants applications. Image processing, processing of large data volumes or atmospheric studies contribute with a satisfactory scientific activity, with the participation in different national projects and contracts with companies. As for publications, they are about 20 contributions to journals of international impact and contributions to national and international conferences.