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José A. Asensio

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José Andrés Asensio is PhD in Computer Science at the University of Almería since 2013. He joined the Applied Computing Group (TIC-211) in 2007, a research group at the University of Almería. He has participated as a researcher and collaborator in national research projects (refs. TIN2006-06698, TIN2007-61497, TRA2009-0309, TIN2010-15588, and TIN2013-41576-R) and a regional research project (ref. P10-TIC-6114) since 2006. During the academic year 2008/09, he was half-time Associate Professor at the University of Almería. Since 2003/04, he has been professor and/or coordinator of several courses and workshops within the Ongoing Training Centre program (Own Teachings), the Training and Teaching Innovation Plan organized by the Training and Teaching Innovation Unit, as well as those organized by the Support Technologies for Teaching and Online Teaching Unit at the University of Almería. He currently works as a Technician in the Online Support for Teaching and Academic Quality in the Mediterranean Foundation at the University of Almería. His research interests include: Model-Driven Engineering, Ontology-Driven Engineering, Component-Based Software Engineering, Trading, Software Agents, Multi-Agent Systems,Home Automation, and Digital Home.