Edif. Científico Técnico CITE-III, Universidad de Almería

Juan J. Ojeda Castelo





Juan J. Ojeda Castelo

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Doctor (UAL)

Computer Science Engineering at University of Almeria. He is a collaborator of the Project titled Investigar en el uso didáctico de la Kinect en el C.E.E.E. “Princesa Sofía” Almería which is supported by Junta de Andalucia. He is very interested in Human-Computer Interaction particularly Natural Interaction, Natural User Interface, User Centered Design, User Experience, Usability and Virtual Reality. This is the reason he has focused his research on applying natural interaction techniques for people with special needs, in order to improving their skills. The devices that he usually attempts to include in his personal Project are: Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion and Oculus Rift, so far.